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Richard Groves
"I have now recorded at Blue Bunker Studio twice with two different projects. One as a singer songwriter recording a selection of tracks with a 3 piece band and once as a drummer in a 2 piece rock/blues band. Both projects were completely different in sound and style and Jack approached both with a fresh approach that allowed them to shine, bringing out the best in all who stood in front of a mic over the days in the Bunker.

During the recording process Jack was patient and methodical, exploring a stream of creative ideas that made the whole thing exciting to be part of. He created an environment that excited all the performers, allowing them freedom to provide take after take of exciting material. Most importantly, as a producer, Jack listens to all ideas and takes them all on board. This means all the performers feel at ease with him and when the red light is on they are relaxed and give it their all.

As Jack can play pretty much any instrument he is always at hand to provide creative ideas about the finer points of the songs but never to a point where he over whelms the ideas of the people involved. As an engineer Jack's knowledge is extensive and with all his equipment he can always find a fantastic sound"